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  • Motor cooling technology PCM, Thermoelectric, Direct cooling

    1.What are the commonly used cooling technologies for electric vehicle motors? Electric vehicles (EVs) use various cooling solutions to manage the heat generated by the motors. These solutions include: Liquid Cooling: Circulate a coolant fluid through channels inside the motor and other componen...
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  • The Sources of Vibration noise in permanent magnet synchronous motors

    The vibration of permanent magnet synchronous motors mainly comes from three aspects: aerodynamic noise, mechanical vibration, and electromagnetic vibration. Aerodynamic noise is caused by rapid changes in air pressure inside the motor and friction between the gas and the motor structure. Mechani...
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  • Basic knowledge of electric motors

    1. Introduction to Electric Motors An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It utilizes an energized coil (i.e. stator winding) to generate a rotating magnetic field and act on the rotor (such as a squirrel cage closed aluminum frame) to form a magneto...
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  • Advantages, Difficulties, and New Developments of Axial Flux Motors

    Compared to radial flux motors, axial flux motors have many advantages in electric vehicle design. For example, axial flux motors can change the design of the powertrain by moving the motor from the axle to the inside of the wheels. 1.Axis of power Axial flux motors are receiving increasing atte...
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  • What are the methods to reduce the starting current of the motor?

    1. Direct starting Direct starting is the process of directly connecting the stator winding of an electric motor to the power supply and starting at rated voltage. It has the characteristics of high starting torque and short starting time, and is also the simplest, most economical, and most rel...
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  • YEAPHI PR102 series controller(2 in 1 blade controller)

    YEAPHI PR102 series controller(2 in 1 blade controller)

    Functional description The PR102 controller is is applied for the driving of BLDC motors and PMSM motors, which is is mainly used in controlling blade for the lawn mower. It uses the advanced control algorithm (FOC) to realize the accurate and smooth operation of the motor speed controller with...
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  • PR101 Series Controller Brushless DC motors Controller and PMSM motors Controller

    PR101 Series Controller Brushless DC motors Controller and PMSM motors Controller Functional description The PR101 series controller is applied for the driving of Brushless DC motors and PMSM motors, the controller provides accurate and smooth control of motor speed. The PR101 series controller u...
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  • YEAPHI Electric Driving Motors for Lawnmowers

    Introduction: A well-maintained lawn is an essential part of many home landscapes, but keeping it trimmed and tidy can be a challenge. One powerful tool that makes it much easier is a lawnmower, and with the increasing interest in eco-friendliness and sustainability, more and more people are turn...
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  • Trilogy of Driving Technology Analysis of Pure Electric Vehicle

    Trilogy of Driving Technology Analysis of Pure Electric Vehicle

    The structure and design of a pure electric vehicle is different from that of a traditional internal combustion engine driven vehicle. It is also a complex system engineering. It needs to integrate power battery technology, motor drive technology, automotive technology a...
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