YEAPHI PR102 series controller(2 in 1 blade controller)

Functional description
The PR102 controller is is applied for the driving of BLDC motors and PMSM motors, which is is mainly used in controlling blade for the lawn mower.
It uses the advanced control algorithm (FOC) to realize the accurate and smooth operation of the motor speed controller with a complete protection strategy.
The controller can control two motors at the same time, and the peripheral connection and assembly are more convenient than the single control.
Additionally, its sensorless control algorithm ensures simple motor connection, saves cost and avoids HALL failure.


  • EMC: Designed to the requirements of EN12895, EN 55014-1, EN55014-2, FCC.Part.15B
  • Software certification: IEC 60730
  • Package environmental rating: IP65
  • Advanced control algorithm is adopted to realize the smooth control of the motor and ensure the success rate of the motor starting.
  • Improve the protection function (over-voltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, etc.) and the fault code display function to ensure the safety and maintainability of the control system..
  • Operating parameters monitoring, modification, firmware upgrade, to meet the use of different working conditions, adjustable and high applicability.
  • Control two motors at the same time, more compact of the vehicle structure, wire harness assembly.
  • Communication protocol: CANopen

Post time: Jul-24-2023