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  • Why is Weak Magnetic Control Necessary for High-speed Motors?

    01. MTPA and MTPV Permanent magnet synchronous motor is the core driving device of new energy vehicle power plants in China. It is well known that at low speeds, permanent magnet synchronous motor adopts maximum torque current ratio control, which means that given a torque, the minimum synthesize...
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  • What reducer can be equipped with a stepper motor?

    1. The reason why the stepper motor is equipped with a reducer The frequency of switching stator phase current in a stepper motor, such as changing the input pulse of the stepper motor drive circuit to make it move at low speed. When a low-speed stepper motor is waiting for a stepper command, the...
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  • Motor: Flat Wire+Oil Cooling to Improve Motor Power Density and Efficiency

    Under the traditional 400V architecture, permanent magnet motors are prone to heating and demagnetization under high current and high speed conditions, making it difficult to improve the overall motor power. This provides an opportunity for the 800V architecture to achieve increased motor power u...
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  • Comparison of Motor Power and Current

    Electricmachinery (commonly known as “motor”) refers to an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electrical energy based on the law of electromagnetic induction. The motor is represented by the letter M (formerly D) in the circuit, and its main function is to generate driv...
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  • How to Reduce Motor Iron Loss

    Factors affecting basic iron consumption To analyze a problem, we first need to know some basic theories, which will help us understand. Firstly, we need to know two concepts. One is alternating magnetization, which, to put it simply, occurs in the iron core of a transformer and in the stator or ...
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  • What is the impact of motor rotor imbalance on motor quality?

    The Influence of Unbalanced Motor Rotors on Motor Quality What are the effects of rotor imbalance on motor quality? The editor will analyze the vibration and noise problems caused by rotor mechanical imbalance. Reasons for unbalanced vibration of the rotor: residual imbalance during manufacturi...
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  • High Speed Motor Drive Technology and its Development Trend

    High speed motors are receiving increasing attention due to their obvious advantages such as high power density, small size and weight, and high work efficiency. An efficient and stable drive system is the key to fully utilizing the excellent performance of high-speed motors. This article mainly ...
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  • Hollow technology of motor shaft

      The motor shaft is hollow, with good heat dissipation performance and can promote lightweight of the motor. Previously, motor shafts were mostly solid, but due to the use of motor shafts, the stress was often concentrated on the surface of the shaft, and the stress on the core was relatively sm...
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  • The five most common and practical cooling methods for electric motors

    The cooling method of a motor is usually selected based on its power, operating environment, and design requirements. The following are the five most common motor cooling methods: 1. Natural cooling: This is the simplest cooling method, and the motor casing is designed with heat dissipation fins ...
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