PR101 Series Controller Brushless DC motors Controller and PMSM motors Controller

PR101 Series Controller Brushless DC motors Controller and PMSM motors Controller

Functional description

The PR101 series controller is applied for the driving of Brushless DC motors and PMSM motors, the controller provides accurate and smooth control of motor speed.

The PR101 series controller uses dual-chip redundancy design, using the advanced control algorithm (FOC) to realize the accurate and smooth operation of the motor speed controller. It has a complete protection strategy and adopts a dual-chip redundancy design to ensure the safety of vehicle use. The PMSM motors Controller are applicable electric vehicle applications such as lawn mowers, porters and stacking vehicles.


The EMC of PMSM motors Controller: Designed to the requirements of EN12895, EN 55014- 1, EN55014-2, FCC.Part. 15B     Safety: Designed to the requirements of EN1175:2020, EN13849

The Package environmental rating of PMSM motors Controller: IP65

Improve the protection function (overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, etc.) and the fault code display function to ensure the safety and maintainability of the vehicle.

Operating parameters monitoring, modification, firmware upgrade, to meet the use of different working


Support 38M17 series split single-coil magnetic encoder and HALL encoder, with motor temperature sensor input, support motor overtemperature protection.

The PMSM motors Controller provide 3 load drive ports (single current up to 1.5A), control lock, main contactor, lifting contactor, etc.     Operation speed, acceleration and deceleration time and other related parameters open, adjustable and high applicability.

Communication protocol of the PMSM motors Controller: CANopen + 5v and + 12v external power supply (single maximum current 100 mA).

Post time: Jul-12-2023