YEAPHI Brushless DC Planetary Gearbox Gear Motor Application for Commercial Lawn Mowers,Agricultural Machinery or Industrial Machinery

    Introducing our latest innovation: the brushless DC planetary gearbox gear motor. This compact motor is designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including commercial lawn mowers, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery. The motor’s small size and light weight make it easy to install and transport, making it ideal for applications where space is limited.

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  • Process Inspection Technology:

    ►Automatic Electric Strength Test
    ►Automatic Aging Test
    ►Automatic Final Test
    ►Digital Quality Tracing

  • Company Advantages:

    ►Over 5 years’ experience in electric lawn vehicle based on cooperating with RYOBI and Greenworks.
    ►Free customized development.
    ►Excellent cost control based on high self-manufactured ratio.
    We are in full compliance with IATF16949 standards.

Product features

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      Commercial Lawn Mowers,Agricultural Machinery or Industrial Machinery

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      Brushless DC planetary gearbox gear motors are engineered to provide high load capacity and long service life, ensuring the reliability and durability required in harsh industrial environments. Its stable operation and low noise output make it suitable for use in a variety of environments from farm fields to factory floors.
      One of the main features of the brushless DC planetary gearbox gear motor is its power distribution and multi-tooth meshing characteristics, which enable efficient power transmission and smooth operation. The transmission also features high speed ratios and high efficiency, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring precise control and consistent performance.
      In addition, the brushless DC planetary gear motor features a single-stage rotation to deliver the power and torque required for demanding tasks. Whether powering a commercial lawn mower or driving industrial machinery, this motor is up to the challenge.
      In summary, brushless DC planetary gearbox gear motors are a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of industrial applications. Its compact size, high load capacity and long service life make it ideal for commercial lawn mowers, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment. With its stable operation, low noise output and power distribution characteristics, this motor is sure to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. If you are looking for a high-performance motor that combines efficiency, power and reliability, look no further than a brushless DC planetary gear motor.

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    Products advantage:

      ►Small size, lightweight, high load capacity, long service life

      ►Stable operation, low noise, large output torque

      ►With power splitting and multi-tooth meshing characteristics

      ►With a high-speed ratio, high efficiency, and single-stage rotation characteristics







5.68 N.m

Rated speed


IP level IP 65
Rated Current 38A
NO-load Speed 5000rpm
Max output torque 24N.m
Protection grade IP65
Insulation Level H
Working System S9
Brake torque 16N.m


Product advantages

technical requirement1. After the product assembly is completed, the motor shaft should be able to rotate flexibly without jamming or abnormal noise2. The motor rotates in both directions.

3. Motor slot-to-pole ratio: stator 12 slots, rotor 10 poles (5 pairs of poles)

4. Insulation grade: H grade (injection molding material F grade)

5. Temperature resistance grade of magnetic steel: SH grade.

6. Leakage current: Apply an AC voltage of 1.8±0.1KV/3S between the winding and the iron core, with a leakage current of≤3mA

7. Electromagnetic brake friction plate clearance 02~03

8. Temperature sensor specification: KTY84-150

9. Magnetic encoder specification 38M17



Power 2.5KW 5KW
Voltage 72V 72V
Torque 5.7 N.m 11.4 N.m
Max Torque 17.1 N.m 34.2 N.m
Speed 4200rpm 4200rpm
Insulation level F F
IP Level IP65 IP65



Rated Power: 2.5KW

Rated Voltage: 48V

Rated Speed: 4200rpm

Rated Torque: 5.68/N.m

Rated Current: 38A

NO-load Speed: 5000rpm

Max output torque:24N.m

Protection grade: IP65

Insulation Level: H

Working System: S9

Brake torque: 16N.m

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