YEAPHI 15KW Water cooled driving motor for Logistics vehicle

    • 15KW Water cooled driving motor is used for Logistics vehicle and Pickup truck. it is used for vehicle. We have 4kw~15kw Water cooled driving motor. The application of our Water cooled driving motor are jetting machine, Logistics vehicle , Pickup truck etc.

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  • Free customized development.

  • Professional service-YEAPHI

    has 3 research and development centers that solve customers' technical challenges.

  • Excellent cost control

    based on high self-manufactured ratio.

  • Full compliance

    with IATF16949 standards.

  • Over 5 years' experience

    in electric lawn vehicle based on cooperating with RYOBI and Greenworks.

  • Products catalogue

    800W-5KW blade controller.
    800W-5KW blade motor.
    800W-5KW driving controller.

    800W-5KW driving motor.
    Angle sensor.

Product features

  • 01


      • Logistics vehicle and Pickup truck.
  • 02


      • 1. Compact design, water resistant, stainless steel shaft.
      • 2. Low noise, high torque, high reliability.
      • 3. Long working life (>20,000 hours).
      • 4. Increased performance for Logistics vehicle and Pickup truck.


The drive system is mainly used in Passenger cars, micro-electric logistics vehicles, etc. It adopts direct rear axle mode, and its drive adopts a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, high control precision and good stability.

1. This 15KW water cooled driving motor is suitable for low-speed logistics vehicles, providing strong and reliable power output.

2. The high torque design enables it to drive the vehicle more efficiently under harsh road conditions and heavy loads.

3. It adopts superior materials combined with advanced manufacturing technology for superior performance in terms of energy efficiency, durability and reliability even when working at maximum loadings or extreme temperatures.

4. To ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience, this motor is equipped with an integrated control system which automatically adjusts speed according to various situations such as terrain or traffic conditions.

5. With its high level of stability, noise reduction features, easy maintenance characteristics as well as intelligence protection functions; this motor can certainly meet all your needs for low-speed logistics vehicle operation requirements.

6. The installation process is simple and convenient thus allowing fast setup time so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

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