Pure Electric Power Off Road Scooter 60v 35ah Mountain Foldable ATV 4 Wheel Adult Scooter with Seat Electric Adult Mobility


    Adopting a unique flexible connection chassis system and an ultimate roll stiffness design, it enhances off-road performance.

    The humanized design of the two angle adjustable steering column and the unique folding seat design can meet both standing and sitting driving postures

    By using ternary lithium batteries with high energy consumption, high specific power, and long cycle life, the range and efficiency of the entire vehicle are greatly increased

    Adopting low noise, high control accuracy, fast dynamic response, low speed and high torque motors, making off-road and competitive entertainment more interesting.

    Adopting a new suspension system, the suspension is sturdy and stable, equipped with independent intellectual property rights of the shock absorber, matching off-road conditions of the shock absorber, greatly improve the driving through and wild.


We provide you with

  • Silent and Stable

    Our electric scooter with wheel hub motor, direct drive wheels, These adult scooters reach the destination without noice. High speed foldable scooter is made of low center of gravity of four wheel design, stable and reliable, safe driving and riding.

  • Durable and Sturdy

    Off-Road electric scooter with high strength steel woven mesh frame, patented suspension, simple and sturdy structure, extremely low maintenance cost. Our folding electric scooter with strong power, allows high load, can hold heavy objects and steep slopes.

  • Persistent Power

    4 wheels foldable electric scooter with 80 kilometers of continuous power, helping you overcome difficulties in journey and arrive your destination.

  • Environmental Protection and Convenience

    Our adult scooter adopts pure electric technology, which is environmentally friendly and can save you costs during your use. Pure electric scooter with stand and seat two modes,foldable and easy for storage and transportation.

  • Application

    Golf courses, mountain sports venues,seaside beach scenic spots, tourist attractions, factory ground handling ,traffic rescue, geological explorationand investigation,outdoor adventure etc.

Product features

  • 01

      Two configurations can be selected

      Optional configuration 1: Seat

      The upgraded version with a seat that can be standing or sitting while driving, and the seat can be folded to not affect the riding.

      The whole vehicle adopts ergonomic simulation design, with the best riding posture, making long-term driving easy and natural.图片

      Optional configuration 2: Trailer

      The upgraded version is equipped with a trailer, volume: 207L (excluding the higher container part) outdoor# Beach # camping resource transportation, to solve the trouble of handling and storage.

      We can choose power drive for trailers, which provides sufficient power for outdoor steep slope loading and high safety.



  • 02

      Classic design, fast folding, travel hassle-free

      ➢ The height of the vehicle is reduced after folding, and small space can also be put.


      ➢It can be easily placed in the trunk after folding,It’s very convenient storage and transportation.


  • 03

      Humanized design, only to bring customers a better sense of experience

      ➢Wheel hub motor, direct drive wheels, reach the target quietly. Low center of gravity four-wheel design, stable and reliable, safe driving.

      ➢High strength steel woven mesh frame, patented suspension, simple and sturdy structure, strong power, high load, not afraid of heavy objects and steep slopes.

      ➢All terrain suitable for harsh and extreme environments, rugged for travel.



  • 04

      Two Riding Modes:Stand and Seat




  • 05

      Product Battery Introduction:

      The advantages of ternary lithium battery: power cell, large individual capacity, the battery cell adopts the controllable double valve structure design safety valve, higher safety, longer service life, small size of the battery pack, light weight, strong environmental adaptability.

      Rated voltage:60V                                        Rated voltage:60V

      Rated capacity:30AH                                     Rated capacity:45AH

      Battery life:900 times-0.2C                        Battery life:900 times-0.2C

      Energy:1728wh                                                 Energy:2592wh

      Working temperature :-20℃-55℃             Working temperature :-20℃-55℃


  • 06

      Three gear riding modes for easy switching:

      According to individual needs select the gears of different speed during the ride
      The remaining power is displayed in real time to remind you to charge it in time
      Riding speed is displayed in real time to remind you to ride safely

      1st gear: Longer range, economy mode, maximum speed 30Km/h, suitable for novice users/cautious riding

      2nd gear: Powerful, sports mode, maximum speed 37Km/h, suitable for skilled users/smooth cycling

      3rd gear: Fast and aggressive acceleration, performance mode, maximum speed 45Km/h, suitable for skilled users/aggressive driving

Technical parameters

Product parameter

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