YEAPHI 800W 1000W 36V 48V 3000rpm brushless DC blade motor controller

YEAPHI 800W 1000W 36V 48V brushless DC blade motor controller is a production motor controller over 4 years. It’s a mature products with perfect technology and passed the market verification. It’s used for walk behind lawn mower, blower and trimmer, etc.
Main characteristics of brushless DC blade motor controller:
►System power-on self-check function.
►Energy feedback braking.
►Brake, cruise, three gear speed selection interface.
►IP65 Integral waterproof terminal interface.
►PWM output port.
►LED working state, failure state indication.
►Ultra-thin shape design, easy to install on the whole vehicle

2). Electric parameters of brushless DC blade motor controller:
►Rated voltage: 40V
►Current:: 25A
►output voltage:14.5±0.5V(DC); 5.0±0.2V(DC); 3.3±0.1V
►Under-voltage value: <39±1V:
►Over-voltage value: >58±2V
►Overheating protection:85±3℃
3). Comfortable operation experience-Direct torque control, smooth start, good acceleration performance, especially in the middle and high speed segment, similar to the handling performance of fuel motorcycle
4).Ultra-low noise-Vector controlled sinusoidal current output, motor output torque smooth, fully inhibit the motor torque fluctuation caused by low frequency noise.
5).Perfect protection function of brushless DC blade motor controller:
►Signal integrity judgment (motor interface signal, control signal, etc.);
►Over current, over and under voltage, over temperature protection;
►Provide motor temperature control interface

Post time: Jun-06-2023