YEAPHI 2KW 48V/72v Driving Motor Brushless DC Motor for Zero Turn Lawn Mower

YEAPHI 2KW 48V/72v Driving Motor Brushless DC Motor for Zero Turn Lawn Mower
The 2kw 48v/72v drive motor is used for the ride on tractor Lawn Vehicle. It is used for lawn mower. We have 800W to 5.5KW motors and controllers used for battery-powered equipment.The applications of our products are Electric push lawn mower, Electric zero turn mower, and riding tractor,motor cycle etc.
There are about 27 years experiences in this industry. We are the specified supplier who cooperates with many famous customers in this industry for a long time, such as Greenworks,Ryobi,TTI,Alamo Group ,Briggs&Stratton and Generac.
Ride on Lawn mower, Lawn tractor, golf cart, motor cycle and small EV vehicles etc,
1. Compact design, water resistant, stainless steel shaft
2. Low noise, high torque, high reliability
3. Stepless speed control, dual-direction
4.Increased performance for riding lawnmower, improved functionality of driving motor.
►Programmable isolation monitoring and fault detection
►With rotor position detector, can automatically control the frequency according to the voltage change
5. Long working life (>20,000 hours)
Eletronic Parameters
1. Rated voltage: 48/72(DC)
2. Output power: 2kw
3. Motor torque:4.5 N.m, peak torque11.5
4. Rated speed: 4200,
5.IP level: IP 65
6. Leak current ≤3mA
7. Insulation level: H
8. Working method: S2
Company Advantages
►Over 5 years’ experience in electric lawn vehicle based on cooperating with RYOBI and Greenworks.
►Free customized development.
►Excellent cost control based on high self-manufactured ratio.

We are in full compliance with IATF16949 standards.

Post time: Jun-06-2023