In 2017, 26 Major New Products in the Jiulongpo District of Chongqing Were Selected

The reporter learned from the website of the People's Government of Chongqing Jiulongpo District that recently, the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission announced the list of major new products in Chongqing in 2017, and 26 new products from 13 enterprises in Jiulongpo District were selected. According to the subsidy support policy for research and development costs of major new products issued by our city, the single major new product developed and evaluated by an enterprise can obtain a financial subsidy of up to 20 million yuan. The total amount of financial subsidies for major new products of a single enterprise shall not exceed 50 million yuan each year.

According to the list of major new products publicized in Chongqing in 2017, the 26 new products of Chongqing Southwest Aluminum Precision Processing Co., Ltd., Chongqing Ruiqi Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd., Chongqing Deke Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd., Chongqing Tokyo Radiator Co., Ltd., Chongqing Longxin Engine Co., Ltd., Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chilong Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd., Chongqing Construction Yamaha Motorcycle Co., Ltd., Chongqing Zhongyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Yihu Power Machinery Co., Ltd., Chongqing Yuxin Pingrui Electronics Co., Ltd., Chongqing Sailimang Motor Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Wolai Manufacturing Machinery Co., Ltd. were selected.

Post time: Jan-29-2023