Electric Driving Motors for Lawnmowers

Electric Driving Motors for Lawnmowers

The power system of the lawn mower motor is a basic internal combustion power system mainly composed of a small gasoline or diesel engine. These systems have issues such as high noise, high vibration, and the ability to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment. Therefore, their products are suitable for places with low requirements for the natural environment. The speed regulation of garden tool motors is mostly based on the fact that the rated power of the motor does not change, and the speed source is changed according to the deceleration controller of the output mechanical equipment. In recent years, new generators using lithium battery packs as garden tool motors are gradually emerging. It is composed of a battery pack, control board/controller, and a DC brushless motor.

The advantages of this type of power device are:

1. Small size, light weight, and high output power.

2. High efficiency, high output power and relative density of torque.

3. Wide range of speed regulation, capable of operating in most workplaces.

4. Simple construction, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance.

5. It has good low-voltage characteristics, strong torque load characteristics, large starting torque, and low starting current. The lawn mower garden tool motor has a small size, safe and convenient use, can prevent electronic devices from igniting, excellent performance, low price, and has the functions of constant frequency, constant current source, and constant current control. Equipped with temperature, undervoltage protection, overcurrent, inter turn, overcurrent protection, short circuit fault and other safety maintenance.


Post time: May-23-2023